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E-Health Cigarettes: A Healthier Way to Smoke

The popular saying claims you can't have your cake and eat it too, but many are attempting to do just that by transitioning from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes were featured by Johnny Depp's character in The Tourist, and are growing in popularity among smokers. And there are a lot of good reasons for smokers to consider e-health cigarettes as an alternative to regularly smoking.

We all know smoking regular cigarettes is unhealthy and addicting, not to mention inconvenient. With restrictions on where smokers can smoke increasing almost constantly, even finding a place to light up is becoming a greater challenge than ever. Taxes also keep rising on cigarettes making them an extremely expensive habit to maintain. Added to this is the smell they leave on clothes, the condescending looks from non-smokers and of course the blow traditional cigarettes put on a smokers health, not to mention the by-standers that are subjected to second hand smoke.

Different Nicotine Levels and Flavors

E-Health Electronic CigarettesWith e-health cigarettes there is none of that. E-health cigarettes contain different levels of nicotine, high, medium, low or none, depending on the preference of the user, and flavor. The "smoke" emitted from a e-health cigarette is not smoke at all, but water vapor. Since there is no actual smoke, there are not official laws banning where e-health cigarettes can be smoked, although it is suggested that out of courtesy e-health cigarette smokers explain that their e-cigarettes are not dangerous to bystanders.

Customers of e-healthcigarettes.com are overall very pleased with e-health cigarettes. They report great side effects like being able to cut back on or even eliminate convential cigarettes from their lives, feeling a lot better, saving money, and encouraging friends and strangers to give e-health cigarettes a try. Several have even offered to become distributors for the company they are so excited about this alternative. They are also not disappointed in the flavor of the electronic cigarettes, which include traditional flavors like marlboro and menthol as well as more "fun" flavors like fruit and chocolate.

E-Health Cigarettes Really are More Healthy

Health-e e-cigarettesThe real selling point of e-health cigarettes is that they do not have all the harmful components that are found in traditional cigarettes. Tobacco smoke has over 4,000 toxic chemicals that are not present in e-cigarettes. Things like tar and carbon monoxide are not part of the equation, and a report from Royal College of Physicians reports that nicotine alone does not pose a danger to its user. It's also much less expensive in the long run, the estimated cost for the traditional cigarette equivelent equalling $1.20 -$1.40 per pack without additional discounts, which can often be found on the website.

Although e-health cigarettes are intended to be a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes, rather than a bridge to becoming a non-smoker, with the varying levels of nicotine available, and the feel of actually smoking it is electronic cigarettes can be used as part of a smoking cessation plan similar to nicotine patches or gums if the user makes the commitment to use them in that fashion.

Start Well with an E-Cigarette Starter Kit

E-Cigarettes E-HealthSo what are your options if you are intrigued by e-health cigarettes? A starter kit is a good place to start, and e-health-cigarettes.com gives several options. A basic starter kit comes with a charger, battery, atomizer, 6 cartridges, and English Language User's Guide. The batteries can be re-charged hundreds of times, each cartrige provides 8.6 "puffs".

The delux kit includes three types of chargers; a wall charger, a computer USB charger,and an auto cigarette lighter socket charger. It also comes with the battery, atomizer, and ten refill cartridges.

Or for those who are still wary of the concept of electronic cigarettes, e-health cigarettes offers a completely disposible option which includes a battery component, atomizer and cartridge together. No parts to replace, nothing to recharge. I complete package in one, and it is equivalent to 40-50 conventional cigarettes. This is a great option for skeptics, and could even make a great gift for someone who might need extra encouragement to stop traditional smoking. If they are won over by the disposible cigarettes, it is easy enough to switch over and get one of the basic or delux starter kits.

Once the cartridges in the starter kits are used, it is easy to order refills. Refills are available in all the varying nicotine levels, as well as no nicotine options available in flavors like fruit, coffee, chocolate and vanilla.

For those who crave even more convenience with their electronic cigarettes, there is also a new 4th generation e-cigarette called the Diamond brand. These combine the atomizers with the cartidges to create a "cartomizer." The starter kits include five cartomizers that yeild up to three times as many puffs per cartridge compared to the other products. The starter kit also comes with 2 batteries, a USB charger, a 110V charger, a battery charger and an instruction booklet.

E-Health cigarettes does not promise that there will never be a health disadvantage by smoking their e-cigarettes, but at the very least it is a far cheaper, more convenient, and less unhealthy way to smoke than to continue to smoke traditional cigarettes. If you're a smoker, or love a smoker, e-health cigarettes are definitely an option you should explore.